Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Dopest Shit For Next Month-May Issue

Ok, so the title should be pretty self-explanatory.
So here's what the Green Ranger is looking forward to for the month of May.

Sidenote:Can't wait til' June. In the words of the lovely Meagan Fox, "Transformers 2 is gonna be fxcking awesome!"

Despite the lackluster first single, I'm still looking forward to Slim Shady's latest effort. Relapse in stores May 19th!

#4-Star Trek
I never really was a fan of the Star Trek series, but this movie looks too dope to pass up. May 8th this hits theatres!

#3-Air Yeezys(black)
Although my broke ass won't be rocking these anytime soon, I'm still looking foward to them dropping on May 2nd!

#2-X-Men Origins:Wolverine
The most anticipated movie of the spring comes out tomorrow & I can't wait. I'm so amped to see this, especially being that I declined to download it when I had the chance so I could expererience it in the movies first hand. This hits theatres everywhere May 1st!

#1-Back To The Feature (mixtape)-Wale & 9th Wonder
I still play "A Mixtape About Nothing" on a weekly basis, so I can't wait til' I finally get to hear some fresh new music from DMV's own, Wale. Download will be available on May 7th!


kmx | Araika Eanomi. said...

I've never been a big fan of Em, but I'll still listen to the album, no doubt, download that shit! Lol.

That Star Trek trailer does look ill; might have to see that movie...I saw part of the X-Men Wolverine was pretty good...fell asleep halfway through though.

They don't sell the kicks in my size so umm...I don't really care anymore; they still hot though lol.

& I WILL be looking forward to that mixtapeee.

Tommy Oliver said...

yeah i dont like Em single, but "3 a.m" is dope. Ima mos def have the Wale mixtape on here as soon as it drops!