Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bitch Please!

WARNING: The following blog consists of constant uses of the word “bitch”. So if you’re faint of heart or are going to act like a lil’ bitch about it, you should leave now. We now return to your regularly scheduled blog.

“Omitting the word ‘bitch’, cursing I wouldn’t say it/Me and dog couldn’t relate till’ the bitch I dated”-Lupe Fiasco, “Hurt Me Soul”

“Bitches ain’t shit, but women ain’t bitches/See women are the queens and bitches just bitches/ And bitches say “bitch” like “bitch” is not offensive/ A nigga say “bitch” and all of a sudden they offended”-Wale, “The Kramer”

For as long that I can remember I have been persuaded into believing that the word “bitch” should not be used in describing a female. For about the first half of my life, I looked at it the same way as the above mentioned Lupe Fiasco lyric. I tried to stay away from it for as long as possible. However, as I grew wiser, and I grew more curious. I was curious to why it was so offensive to say this to a female. Like 95% of life’s questions that I asked as a child, I was greeted with an answer along the lines of “Because it is” and “Because I said so”. [1] Since no one could provide me with a reliable answer, I saw nothing wrong with saying it. I doubt that anyone reading this right now can tell me the history of this word or why it’s wrong and provide me with indisputable evidence at this very moment. Its one of those many things in life that society has deemed inappropriate without any pretense at all. But some things you sometimes know just don’t seem right.

The word “bitch” is one of the largest double-edged sword in the English language. On one hand, several of my respectable (and unrespectable) female acquaintances use this term to describe their fellow female acquaintances as friends. This is where the Wale quote comes into play. A female can use the term “bitch” to describe another female in a friendly way, but for some reason, a male is treated like Michael Richards for saying the exact same thing in a friendly way. Its almost as if the only word that the receiving female hears is “bitch”. I have seen this proven first hand several times. One instance that I can recall was when me and Ronald was on the phone in a 4-way(?) with two girls. They were talking extremely loud and ignoring the hell out of us when Ron, out of nowhere, exclaimed, “I love y’all bitches”. For some reason they both became upset, even though prior to the statement, they were calling each other “bitches” themselves. What is the difference between Ron friendly saying that he “loves y’all bitches” and Jane Doe friendly saying, “I love my bitches”? How is one any more offensive than the other?

Then there are those people who use this word to describe a distasteful and internally repugnant women. This is the definition that I most commonly use of the term. Everyone who claims that the word “bitch” should not be used to describe a female knows at least five bitches that fit’s the above written description. Like it or not, bitches are out there, and I call em’ like I see em’.

Sometimes the word is used just to describe all women in general. I would like to say that I never use the term in this sense, but I have. It’s a bad habit, but one day I’ll get over it. I think that everyone can agree that its not cool to lump an entire group of people together, when it only applies to a (large) percent of them.

In closing, I think that the word “bitch” is going to continue to be a major part of the English language, male/female relationships, and culture in general. I have no problem with the word personally, as long as its used in the right sense to describe the right thing. You wouldn’t call a tree a whale would you?


Ashley Nicole said...

to make a long story short,
this is the same thing with the word Nigger. every1 knows the 1st amendment right? so I say wtf I want.
and I call bitches, bitches and Niggas, Niggas. no matter your race. The End.

TweekylovesTommy cuz hes a dope kidd =]

kmx | Araika Eanomi. said...

Hmmm. I'm kinda [?] On this. If a dude was to call me a bitch...I would probably get pissed. But then again, if I am acting like a bitch, why should I be mad, he's just like you say "calling it as he sees it." Right?

I think I would only be offended if a dude I wasn't really tight with called me a bitch. If one of my homies did I'd be like screw you jigga & go about my biz.

However I DO NOT like when dudes use the term "bitch" to name all females. Like just call us females, why we all gotta be bitches...yenno?

But all of this depends on the situation...and the bitch (lol)...

lalaliybean said...

^ lol i agree with that comment.

i don't think it's even that serious. i guess you can tell by someones tone the way they're saying it. but who cares? in the end it's the sensitive "bitch" that takes it to the heart. oh well!

Tommy Oliver said...

i luv u guys & ur insights

Frankie Nichelle said...

it's really not that serious. a woman who calls her female friends bitches and then gets offended if a man calls her a bitch is just a hypocritical attention whore. I don't mind being called a bitch because 10 times out of 10, I'm acting like a bitch.

also, my mom always says if a person wants to refer to her as a bitch, call her Miss Bitch. love it!

audrey. said...

like the first comment, i think it's kind of the same way with the word "nigga".

black people use it as a friendly word towards other black people AND white people, and usually any other race- but yet most of them dislike when a white person says "nigga", It's all understandable, but I guess these instances go hand-in-hand, TO AN EXTENT.

As for females calling other females bitches, it's a friendly thing. I don't mind if a male calls me a bitch, as long as it's nt in a negative way. if that makes sense. If I was acting like a bitch, and he wanted to let me know, in a respectable way, he could say "you're acting bitchy/like a bitch" and that would influence me differently than if a male said "you're a bitch"

i hope i made sense. =/

AYO! stephie said...

It's not what they call you, it's what you answer to ; POINT BLANK PERIOD.

A perfect stranger can walk up to me & can me a bitch & chances of me getting offended are slight to none.

Or I can just get on that elementary tip ; takes one to know one BITCH haha.