Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We don't believe you, you need more people.

LMAO @ how many times dude says "I'm A Man"
Sounds to me like you got something to hide brah...just saying.


audrey. said...

this man is somethin else.
shut the fuck up and let it go.
if he was so worried about the shit gettin blown outta proportion, he shoulda just shut up and stopped talking about it.

see, this is why his ass is gay!

i'm a man, i'm a man...fuck outta here.
be a man and stop being homophobic, loser!


Tommy Oliver said...

"you know im a man...im a man...you know im a man right?"

audrey. said...


Jay1 said...

he sucks. that dude has been in the game since he was in middle school, he's been around certafied legends in the game and he's STILL one of the lamest rappers out.

Tommy Oliver said...

and dont forget...he's a man!