Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Has Hip-Hop Come To?

All these dances are fucking ridiculous. So I decided to gather up all the latest quasi-homosexual dance crazes so that you too, can feel my pain.

SMH that people were actually egging him on!

There aren't enough words to describe whats wrong with this next video.
Is that a white-tee with McDonalds patches on it? Really? Wow

Additional PAUSE is needed for the name of this dance!

SMH @ dude in the red hoody



supreme. said...

omg, i didn't know that stupid ass halle berry gong had a dance.....ew. but i fucks with the stanky leg lol.

Nasty Tai Boogy said...

i'm done...everybody is gettin out of control...did u see the new dance in jamaica smh

Tommy Oliver said...

they be trippin in jamaica. they dont even dance;they literally be fuckin on da dance floor

kmx | Araika Eanomi. said...

Stanky leg looks like someone trying to scratch their crotch w/ no hands. "Look Ma, no hands!"

As for the last two videos...

-walks away and shuts down computer-