Friday, September 11, 2009

Broken Android Presents "Legend of MoonMan"

I did this tape for those who are still unsure of what to expect from Kid Cudi's upcoming "Man On The Moon:End of Day"(9/15). None of these songs are new nor "exclusive". Just a small compilation of Cudi tracks to familiarize those who only know Kid Cudi for "Day N Nite" or "Make Her Say". This is my first time doing a "mixtape" so forgive me for any small errors I may have made.

Sidenote: I'm getting a little better at photoshop. I did this cover in like an hour while watching the Obama speech. Makes me think of what little effort real "DJs" put into their mixtape art with lots more resources...OH, and this is post number 500!


1. Day N’ Nite
2. Dat New New
3. Man On The Moon
4. Sky Might Fall
5. Embrace The Martian
6. Look Up In Da Stars (ft. Wale)
7. Follow Me
8. Pursuit of Happiness (ft. MGMT & Ratatat)
9. Sky High
10. Down & Out
11. Buggin Out 09’ (ft. Consequence)
12. Heaven At Night
13. Bonus*

Download "Legend of MoonMan"(mixtape)-Kid CuDi

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