Saturday, October 17, 2009

A shitload of Drake tracks

Download: Say Something-Timbaland ft. Drake

: King Leon-Drake

: Believe It or Not-Gucci Mane ft. Drake


Cliff; Cr!tical. said...

What do you think about King Leon?

I refuse to listen to that Coochie Mane track so Im unsure if he rips them all.

Me thinks he's still dope without all the Mainstream fans & all.

Mr. (O-Pen-Yawn-8-ted) said...

Been a drake fan, still a drake fan....ready for some new work...don't sleep on gucci he be coming sometime real talk

"A dIfFrEnT sTaTe Of MiNd"

feel free to follow

Anonymous said...

Drake doin' his thing, No doubt. Him And Cudi came out strong this year, no disrespect to the others.

King Leon Goes Hard.

Awesome Blog, I'm following. Can't Wait to see what you post next.



Anonymous said...

Long time no talk. . . i like what you did to the blog man, looks nice. Immature Central is out so come check it out and leave a comment about the blog. tell me how it looks, i need your opinion. thanks for the support

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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